Founder of Artisan Barber, Charlie McCoy discovered his passion for the hair industry at a young age in Oklahoma City, where he was raised. His talents with clippers and razors intertwined with his business savvy mindset led him to the streets of New York City, where he took the grooming business by storm. With over ten years of experience and hard-earned connections under his belt, Charlie was able to open his barbershop, Artisan Barber, in 2017. Artisan Barber quickly became a hidden gem in the city’s Upper East Side and eventually Lower East Side. He was offering a space where clients could get their hair cut and admire and purchase the artwork featured in the shop. Artisan Barber is a barbershop and a vibe and then some, curated by Charlie McCoy.

The Grooming Alchemist’s goal is to help young minority men unlock the next level in their lives, whether in their career or personal lives. The Grooming Alchemist aims to create content centered on epic lifestyle changes that are guaranteed to help men become whom they have always wanted to be. Through written and visual content, The Grooming Alchemist caters to the needs and wants of its audience.
“I know I will not live forever, and I want to leave behind thousands of hours of content that inspires people even when I’m gone,” say’s Charlie McCoy, founder of The Grooming Alchemist Brand.